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Om migMaybe you could have seen where I was heading if you had seen me play, fantasize and engage in all sorts of roleplaying when I was a child. Sure, every child does that to some extent, but with me, it was more than that. When all my friends had gone home to eat 4 hours earlier, I was still at it; pretending to be an indian, cowboy or a soldier in world war two. The fact that it was dark out, cold, and that I was hungry, was just something I integrated into the fantasy to make it even more authentic and exciting. I didn´t stop. I never wanted to stop!

I grew up in a noncomformist christian home. My father was a baptist minister, and when I was young my parents values were pretty ”old school”. Among other things going to the cinema was regarded as a sin. Well, where do you think I went as often as I could? Films became a big love of mine and eventually my sins took on gigantic proportions. But it wasn´t until upper secondary school, (Maybe because it just didn´t exist as a profession in the world I was brought up in.) when a friend, who had to put up with my intense, passionate, longing personality traits on a daily basis, said - My god! You´re always at it! Why don´t you become an actor already! , that It dawned on me what was going on. When I also curiously started to approach the world of theatre I realized that if you can do this for a living, I´m home.

Icehockey, boxing, and above all soccer was also a big part of my life growing up. Both practising and watching on Tv. And until this day, if you throw out a ball or a puck I will soon be in there chasing it. In that I think also my sense (which I know I share with a lot of other actors) of how fun it is to be on a team with others, working together for the same goal was founded. It´s that same sense of joy when you´re on stage or on a set, as when you were out on the soccer field.

Even though I´m older now I think I still have the same passion for this profession. I´ve kept my edge. I´m still hungry to go out there. Still starving to work, work, go further, deeper,... but nowadays I do tend to stop for lunch with the rest of the crew.


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