Hello Greg Poehler

Hello Greg Poehler

Intervju I början av september har du chansen att träffa Greg Poehler på mässan Hello Actors i Filmhuset. Redan nu har Filmcafe.se fått chansen att prata med honom om TV-serien Welcome to Sweden och hur produktionen kom till.

Lämnade jobbet som advokat

Greg Poehler har tidigare arbetat som advokat men lämnade det yrket bakom sig när han flyttade till Sverige. Greg började med ståuppkomedi i Sverige 2012 och samtidigt började han skriva på det som skulle komma att bli hans första TV-serie, Welcome to Sweden. Han är skådespelare, manusförfattare och producent till den svensk-amerikanska TV-serien som sänds på TV4 i Sverige och NBC i USA.

- I had had the idea almost from the very first time I visited Sweden. As an immigrant -- not just in Sweden, but anywhere -- there is something funny or interesting that happens to you every day. Mostly due to some cultural misunderstanding or unfamiliarity. I thought this might be interesting to see (Sweden through the eyes of an American). But, after I thought of the original idea, it took me a long time to actually sit down and write it. Since I had no experience, I wasn’t sure if it was possible. Also, since my sister is in the industry, I worried about looking pathetic. I think that actually held me back for a few years.

Gregs syster Amy Poehler var med i ”Saturday night live” i åtta år. Många av de medverkande finns i hennes kontaktnät och vissa har kopplingar till Sverige. Tanken var från början att cameo-rollerna skulle spelas in i New York. Men istället ville många av stjärnorna komma till Sverige. Welcome to Sweden produceras av Felix Herngrens FLX och syskonen Poehlers bolag Syskon, LLC åt TV4.

Was it hard for you to give up your previous job for a job in show business? Why did you change profession?

- Well, it wasn’t so hard since I literally waited until the last possible minute. It wasn’t until TV4 gave the go ahead to making the pilot episode that I quit my job. I never missed a paycheck. I think, in many ways, my move to Sweden was an ”in-between” step that made the career change easier. I had already made a huge move from NYC to Stockholm. This didn’t seem as big in comparison.

What was your biggest challenge in introducing the TV-series to the Swedish Film and TV-industry?

- Well, I didn’t know any better. So that helped. My naivete served me well. I think I got lucky in that I joined up with great partners. FLX in season 1 and Jarowskij in season 2. That had relationships and connections with the right people in the Swedish industry.

What are the pros and cons of playing the lead character in a TV-series you produce yourself?

PROS: As a producer, you get access to the dailies and thus you can watch yourself every day on screen. It provides a great opportunity to study and try to get better every day.

CONS: You have to watch yourself every day on screen. So you really learn to hate your own face.

What is your best advice to aspiring producers?

- Create. Make as many things as possible. Don’t put internal limitations or restrictions on yourself. Let other people say no. You never know what may be possible.

Do you have a specific memory from set that you would like to share with us?

- I knew that this was probably a once in a lifetime experience (producing, writing and starring in your own show), so I tried to soak it in. Enjoy every moment. And not take anything for granted. If you only get one rollercoaster ride, you better make damn sure you enjoy it.

Specifically, the day I got word that I became a Swedish citizen, the whole cast and crew gave me flowers and we all sang the Swedish national anthem. That was cute and sweet and touching. I love them all.

Would you be interested in doing a TV-series called ”Welcome to USA” with a Swedish person as the lead character?

- I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have the right frame of reference. I don’t see the US in the same way a Swedish person would. I think such a show would have to be done by a Swede to see their perspective. But I’ll produce it and take half the money. :)

Vill du gå på Gregs föreläsning?

Vad är det som krävs för att din idé ska förvandlas till en lyckad produktion? I föreläsningen ”Från idé till TV-serie” berättar skådespelaren, manusförfattaren och producenten Greg Poehler om sitt arbete med att skapa TV-serien ”Welcome to Sweden” som blivit ett utav Sveriges största humorprogram. ”Welcome to Sweden” som sänds på TV4 i Sverige och NBC i USA.

Vill du besöka “Hello Actors” på Filmhuset den 12 september?

Vi har lottat ut biljetter till Gregs föreläsning på Filmhuset den 12 september och följande medlemmar har vunnit!

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27 juli 2015

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